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XPO LOGISTICS, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 11/05/2018
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We are the second largest freight brokerage provider globally, with leading positions in North America and Europe; and a top five global provider of managed transportation based on the value of freight under management. In North America, we are the largest provider of last mile logistics for heavy goods; the largest manager of expedite shipments; the second largest provider of less-than-truckload (“LTL”) transportation; the third largest provider of intermodal services, including a national drayage network; and a freight forwarder with a global network of ocean, air, ground and cross-border services.
In Europe, we have the largest owned road transportation fleet. We offer truckload transportation in Europe as dedicated, non-dedicated and brokered services; last mile logistics services; and LTL transportation through one of the largest LTL networks in Western Europe.
Our Transportation segment uses a blended model of owned, contracted and brokered capacity. This gives us the flexibility to provide solutions that best serve the interests of our customers and the Company. As of September 30, 2018, globally, we had approximately 12,000 independent owner-operators under contract to provide drayage, expedite, last mile and LTL services to our customers, and more than 50,000 independent brokered carriers representing over 1,000,000 trucks on the road.
We employ professional drivers that transport goods for customers using our fleet of owned and leased trucks and trailers. Globally, our road fleet encompasses approximately 16,000 tractors and 39,000 trailers, primarily related to our LTL and truckload operations. These assets also provide capacity for our freight brokerage operations as needed. Our company overall is asset-light; the revenue generated by activities directly associated with our owned assets accounted for just under a third of our revenue in 2017.
Logistics Segment
In our Logistics segment, which we sometimes refer to as supply chain or contract logistics, we provide a range of differentiated and data-intensive services, such as highly engineered, customized solutions, supply chain optimization, including production flow management, order personalization and other customized fulfillment processes. Additionally, we provide e-commerce order fulfillment, cold chain solutions, factory support, aftermarket support, packaging and labeling, recycling, warranty management and numerous other value-added warehousing and distribution services. Once we secure a logistics contract, the average tenure is approximately five years and the relationship can lead to a wider use of our services, such as inbound and outbound transportation.
XPO is the second largest contract logistics provider worldwide, with an expansive, global footprint of shared and dedicated facilities. This makes us particularly attractive to large customers with multinational operations. Our logistics customers include the preeminent names in retail and e-commerce, food and beverage, technology, aerospace, wireless, industrial and manufacturing, chemical, agribusiness, life sciences and healthcare.
We also benefit from a strong presence in the high-growth e-commerce sector. E-commerce is predicted to continue to grow globally at a double-digit rate through at least 2025 and, increasingly, order fulfillment is being outsourced. We are the largest outsourced e-fulfillment provider in Europe, and we have a major platform for e-fulfillment in North America. Globally, our highly customized solutions for e-commerce supply chains include technology-enabled order preparation and packaging, reverse logistics and omnichannel services.
Operating Philosophy
We believe that our ability to provide customers with integrated, end-to-end supply chain solutions gives us a significant competitive advantage. Many customers, particularly large companies, are moving to single-source relationships with large, multi-modal service providers to handle their supply chain requirements. We have built XPO to capitalize on this trend, as well as the trend toward outsourcing in transportation and logistics, the growth of e-commerce and the adoption of just-in-time inventory practices.
Two hallmarks of our operations worldwide are technology and sustainability.
We place massive importance on innovation because we believe that world-class technology in the hands of well-trained employees is the ultimate competitive moat in our industry. We view our technology as being critical to continuously improving customer service, controlling costs and leveraging our scale. Our annual investment in technology is among the highest in our industry.